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Do you or loved one currently reside in Santa Monica, California and in search of a reputable rehab center in your area? Contact us to speak with a counselor in your city who is capable of providing the resources and support that you need. Taking the first steps on your recovery path is never easy, which is why Resolve Focus works so hard with each patient to develop an itinerary and plan that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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Our counselors are highly experienced and trained to educate you about the different treatment programs available. Seeking help does not have to be a lonely road which is why we are here to support you not only once you have finished your program but after as well. We provide all of our participants with information and resources that are meant to help with your transition into a new and healthier daily routine.

What Should I Expect

First and foremost be rest assured that all calls to our Center are kept private and confidential. We respect your privacy and will never bother you or follow up with any phone calls unless you ask.

Most of the centers in your area provide inpatient services, however there are facilities that also provide outpatient services as well. Whatever service it is that you choose, we will be here to provide guidance from the beginning all the way to the end.


Educating you on the addiction services that our centers provide is not the only thing you will learn while participating in your program. Topics such as medication preparation, detoxification, after care etc. Are extremely important things to understand and to incorporate into your life for long-term recovery.

To find more information on drug and alcohol addiction, be sure to visit our FAQ. To get in touch with one of our therapists, be sure to call the number above or click here.

*The funds used to cover your program must be provided by private insurance, an HMO or cash on hand. Unfortunately we will not accept government insurance.

Click here for a list of private insurance companies that provide coverage for substance abuse therapy.

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